Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jack Kerouac would approve

i took a look at my appointment book and turned a little green when i realized how much time i am going to be spending on the road in the next month. Ottawa, Lanark, Chapleau, Peterborough, Pike Lake, all within a few weeks. some of it is for work, but most of it is for pleasure (in form of cottages and music). and THEN my band goes on tour in September – Peterborough, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Oshawa, back to Toronto, over a full week on the road (and not in school, but shhhh don’t tell my profs). and, cross your fingers, hopefully a job interview in Vancouver (please! please! please!). so, it looks like i’m going to keep posting here about my little adventures through Canada throughout the summer. thankfully, i still have batteries in my camera and a stack of paperback philosophy books for all the time on the bus.