Friday, July 25, 2008

eurotrip recap in pictures and song: prague

this was one of my favourite musical moments while i was in europe. we've got a jazz banjo player, a clarinet, and not to mention a percussionist playing on a freakin' washboard. and singer resembling the Simpson`s Sea Captain, singing in a language i don't understand. go prague.

so now i'm on the road again. it was a long and exhausting bus ride to ottawa, since we got caught right in Toronto rush hour traffic jams. as the bus left the station, i took a long nap, only to wake up and find out that we were just approaching scarborough. but we finally made it to ottawa, where i get to visit my parents for less than twelve hours before heading off to the cottage in clydesville. and lo and behold, i've forgotten my camera. grrr.