Wednesday, February 8, 2012

business break

1. this blog "run, gloria, run!" has been nominated for the Ninjamatics' 2012 Canadian Weblog Awards in the Activism & Social Justice and Travel categories. Woo hoo! Thanks to all my supportive readers. Keep leaving those nice comments of encouragement; it helps me feel more connected with my friends that I've left on the other side of the world. And please feel to pass my blog link to your friends. It gives me a warm tingly feeling inside when I see my blog hits spike up in my stats section.

2012 Canadian Weblog Awards nominee

2. In other business, a boy named Emilio Fernandez from Spain asked me to send him a letter so he could collect stamps from Namibia. He collects letters from countries all around the world. I've never met Emilio before, but I do like the Spanish for the brilliant things they've invented (ie, "siesta" and "tapas"). I guess my letter has finally arrived, according to his blog:

somebody needs to teach Gloria how to draw

Aren't Namibian stamps pretty? Do you want a postcard from Namibia? Send me your mailing address and then start checking your mailbox...maybe a month or two from now (sometimes mail is slow here). I cannot promise that the text won't consist entirely of Radiohead lyrics.

3. I meant to say this earlier, but thanks a lot Mark for getting a proper domain name for this blog! Everyone say hurray Mark!

4. If you are in Windhoek, I suggest you come see me and my friends perform at Zenso Lounge on Wednesday, February 15. We'll be singing originals, covers, blues jams, whatever suits the night. Cover is N$20, and the show runs from 7PM to 10PM. If you're not in Windhoek, tell your friends who live in Windhoek!

You can downloard some of our jams for free here.