Tuesday, February 21, 2012

thunder road

"oh oh oh oh, Thunder Road
oh, Thunder Road, oh, Thunder Road
lying out there like a killer in the sun
hey, i know it's late, we can make it if we run
oh oh oh oh, Thunder Road..." - Bruce Springsteen

I'm the new scribe for the Windhoek Hash House Harriers. Here's my report on the last hash for the Hash website:

Hash No 995

Hares: Mountain Goat and Wine-ita 'Nother Drink

Nine brave Hashers set off in the Waldorf School area despite the ominous looking storm clouds overhead, and the sounds of rolling thunder in the distance. One Hasher assured everyone that this was just the sound of God moving his furniture around in heaven. A light sprinkle of rain was welcomed by the Hashers as it was a cool relief from the hot humid temperature. Hare Mountain Goat led us through an interesting windy route. Many flies were accidentally eaten along the way (perhaps this Hash should have been called the "Fly In The Eye" Hash?)

OnOn was held at Mountain Goat & Wine-ita 'Nother Drink's beautiful home, where all the male Hashers were impressed by Mountain Goat's extensive train set. It continued to rain and thunder, but the Hashers were brave and continued to eat outside. Wine-ita served chili con carne and vegetable quiches, which was so lekker that some hashers went back for thirds. The Hares also shared with us their unique liquor collection. Thank you Mountain Goat & Wine-ita.

setting off on our hike

Mountain Goat leads the way...because otherwise he might get lost.

dog attacking a chameleon!

really cool looking plant

group shot!