Thursday, August 8, 2013

random notes

My penpal Julie Lalonde has been sending me some awesome stickers, cards, and posters in the mail. I love getting mail! Recently, she sent me this sticker from the feminist punk band War On Women, and she asked me to take a photo of the sticker to show that it made it to the Arctic.  Here are a few:

War on Women, and the Arctic Ocean. Maybe they'll play in Cambridge Bay one day.

 War on Women, and the Arctic tundra 

yep, those two are muskoxen in the background!

My own girl band, Scary Bear Soundtrack, has entered our song new "Summer North" into CBC Music's Song of the Summer competition. The song is about having insomnia from the 24 hours of sunlight, and was co-written by my friend Charles Lynch. You know, that's just as much about summer as having fun on the beach. Help us out by voting for our song! You can vote once every day:

You can also listen to our song here:

In other news, our wedding was featured in Offbeat Bride!  Check out the article here:

Also, the Polar Bear Dip that was supposed to happen last week has been postponed to this Friday due to the bad weather. That means you still have a chance to make a donation while I go for a swim in the Arctic Ocean to raise funds for a new community facility in town. You can donate here: