Wednesday, August 21, 2013

reading material

now that we are actually experiencing night time darkness again, I sighted my first moon since May last night. One of the lights in this photo is a street light. The other one is the moon...or a UFO.

Sometimes people ask me what it's like working as a lawyer in Nunavut. There have been a couple of interesting reads lately that do a great job of describing the experience.

There's this article by a colleague in Rankin Inlet about practicing family law in Nunavut in the Common Room, the publication of the Women Lawyers' Forum: .

There's also this feature in National Magazine about the state of access to justice in Nunavut, also featuring my colleagues:

Both offer great insights about how different it is from practicing down south.

A snowy owl, hanging out at the golf course.

Also, on a somewhat unrelated note, I wrote an article that was published recently in Touchstones, the publication of the Equality Committee of the Canadian Bar Association.  It looks at the history of Korean lawyers in Canada and the Korean-Canadian legal community that has developed since. You can read it here:

Of course, one of the great things about working reasonable hours here in Nunavut is that we get to have a lot of fun after work too. And there's definitely a lot of things to do.

like have a pool party! An indoor one, of course. At the local pool. Which is 3 feet deep.

taking long hikes through the local golf course

brunch: fruit salad, featuring mango and dragonfruit (yes, you can get all those here!)

sushi party!