Sunday, March 23, 2014

CBC Music's Searchlight for Canada's Best New Artist

Hello blog readers! I was wondering if I could ask you for a favour and get you to vote for my band.

My band Scary Bear Soundtrack has entered a contest being held by CBC Music. It's got some fancy prizes, and it's a great chance to let more people know about our music.

For the contest, we've entered our song "the Longest Night". It's a song that I co-wrote and recorded with my friend Charles Lynch (also known as Avid Napper), mixed by North Bay producer Ben Leggett. The song title refers to the longest "night" in Cambridge Bay, which lasts for 6 weeks in the winter when the sun does not rise above the horizon. The song tells the story about two local hunters who got lost out on the tundra last year but were miraculously rescued after a few days. I've actually written about the tale on the blog here. Now you can hear it in form of a dance song!

You can hear The Longest Night here:
You can also download it for free from our bandcamp site.

If you could do me a favour by voting for us, once every day, that would be wonderful! And if you can get your friends to vote for us every day too, that would be even more wonderful!

Click here to vote.

 We are pretty enthusiastic about this contest. CBC Radio 3 host Grant Lawrence has already personally chosen our song as an early standout and has said some kind words. We're hoping to make it as far as we possibly if you can help us out by voting (and voting every day), you have my thanks in advance!

awesome band photo by local photographer Denise Lebleu