Thursday, March 27, 2014

Springtime for Cambridge Bay

Springtime in Cambridge Bay: still frozen.

So the vernal equinox has passed and all I hear from you people down south is are complaints that Ottawa and Toronto is still snowy and cold, and the cherry blossoms are blooming enough. Well, we've been getting beautiful spring days here in Cambridge Bay. 

What does spring mean in Cambridge Bay? It means that it's actually warm enough to snow. It's always exciting to look forward to spring blizzards. It means that it's only maybe -40 degrees outside with the windchill, which means the front door won't freeze, you don't have to warm up the car for a full hour before driving it, and you *might* be able to walk around outside without getting frostbite on your ears (I still keep do though, unfortunately).

beautiful sun dog

The biggest difference between winter and spring here, besides the mild weather, is the daylight. Glorious, glorious daylight, all day long. Right now we're getting some 13 hours of daylight. In less than two months, the sun is going to stop setting. 24 hours of daylight...and the ocean will still be frozen.  This truly is a magical place.

That snow insukshuk is not looking so good today

Sad inukshuk, or bowing inukshuk?

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