Wednesday, March 26, 2014

never mess with the Russians

So these Russian guys DROVE HERE from Russia.

Just going for a drive.
Behind the truck is the frozen Arctic Ocean.

I am not making this up. They drove out of Sibera, over the frozen Arctic Ocean, right over the North Pole, and have now pulled into Cambridge Bay for a pit stop.  They're going to keep driving through Nunavut, towards Alaska, and then heading back home to Mother Russia via the Bering Strait. Now that is a road trip.

I wonder if they are going through customs.

I got a good look at their vehicles. It's not like they decided to jump into their Honda Civic and go for an evening drive.  These are serious tires that are more or less intertubes that can deal with the rough tundra and crazy ice.  Behind them they were dragging a trailer of supplies.

So, apparently I lied when I said Cambridge Bay is a fly-in only community.

Never mess with the Russians.

(Here's an article about them from CBC news.)

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