Monday, November 3, 2014

an Arctic Halloween

Halloween this year featured 80 km/h winds and a blizzard.  It didn't stop the kids from trick-or-treating.  It's hard to separate a kid from free candy.  Some of the older ones made their rounds on ATVs and snowmobiles. The one kid that I admired the most was the ONE kid who came to my door. He looked about five years old, and he was bravely battling the blowing snow on foot by himself, making his way from door to door, while his parents watched from afar in a warm pickup truck. That kid deserves all the candy.  Kids in the Arctic are of a special tough breed. They design their Halloween costumes to fit over their snowpants and parkas, and face the possibility that they meet meet a wolf or polar bear while trick-or-treating, and they do it anyway.

As for me, sadly I'm a grownup and I can't go free candy harvesting trick-or-treating. Not that I ever did, as an immigrant kid. Instead we did what grownups do and gathered at a friend's house while dressed up as our favourite childhood characters, but in a creepy way, and gorged on a lot more chocolate bars than we really should have.