Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Christmas/Birthday wishlist 2014

Here's my Christmas/birthday wish list for this year:
  • A painting by Miguel Chenier, a local artist in Cambridge Bay who makes beautiful paintings of the wilderness surrounding this community.
  • A Jerry Cans T-shirt or hoodie, size small
  • Tea - I love trying out new types of tea
  • Gift certificates for spa services in Ottawa or Yellowknife
  • Novels - I love reading fun fiction books about adventure (in the style of Christopher Moore or Jonas Jonasson) 
  • Board games. We already own Carcassonne (and pretty much every expansion pack), Catan, Snake Oil, Dixit, Taboo, Ra, Ticket To Ride (Europe map), but love trying out other new board games
  • I love mix CDs!
Another idea would be to make a donation to some causes that I love to support:
  • Hollaback! A campaign dedicated to fighting street harassment
  • Diamonds in the Ruff: a local organization dedicated to the welfare of dogs in Cambridge Bay. Donations go towards paying for abandoned and unwanted dogs to be flown to Yellowknife's animal shelter (rather than having them shot), and also towards bringing a team of vets up to Cambridge Bay once a year.

If you want to know what Rob wants, here is his wish list. But he insists that I tell everyone that what he wants the most is gift cards from the music store Long & McQuade