Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cambridge Bay's new restaurant: Saxifrage

POST UPDATE: This restaurant is now open, and I visited it again in this blog post

I'm not going to pretend this is a formal restaurant review of Cambridge Bay's newest restaurant in town. First of all, my husband has been heavily involved in the setting up of the restaurant, so some might say my objectivity might be affected.

Also, Saxifrage's is not actually open yet, technically speaking. They've had a soft opening, and while the restaurant is running, it's not open to the public at this time.  Mainly the restaurant serves the guests of the hotel that it's attached to, Green Row Executive Suites, while also hiring out its services to certain catering gigs.

Despite not being a hotel guests, my colleagues and I were treated to a special dinner at Saxifrage's this week, giving us a sneak preview of what the restaurant will look like when it's finally completely open for business.

The interior of the restaurant had a pretty nice ambience, a warm and cosy feel in the middle of its harsh northern environment. The restaurant offers a sit-down service, unlike the more cafeteria feel of the Arctic Island Lodge, which is arguably the only other restaurant in town, unless you count the KFC/Pizza Hut Express. Once the restaurant is fully open, there will be a coffee shop-type baked goods section at the front of the restaurant. I've also heard rumours that it may also get a liquor license (!!!) which would make it the perfect place to watch a football game on a Sunday afternoon, especially with the giant flat screen TVs.

For now, though, while all that is still being set up, Saxifrage's offers an assortment of pop and a set menu, which for our dinner featured yummy grilled chicken on a bun with a side of salad and fries. We had fantastic service from our friendly server, Marlene, and we even got to chat with the chef Burger for a bit. Yup, I said Burger.

burgers by Burger

All of Cambridge Bay look forward to the public opening of the restaurant.  Soon enough, Anthony Bourdain will be showing up in town, penning his thoughts about the Arctic cuisine scene...

FYI: I've written about all the places you can eat and sleep in Cambridge Bay in a guide for Finding True North here.