Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cafe Europa

Cambridge Bay doesn't have a coffeeshop, which is too bad. One of the few things I miss the most when I live in the north is the ability to go sit at a coffeeshop, eat a baked good and chat with friends.

Cambridge Bay does, however, have Cafe Europa, which is an ongoing fundraiser held at Kiilinik High School to help raise money to send high school students on a trip to Europe to learn about European history. Every Friday morning, the students bring in baked goods that they sell  along with coffee, and you can sit down at the table they set up in the hall and enjoy your treats while talking to other folks from around town.  Just like at a Starbucks! It starts around 8AM and ends when the school day and work day starts, so you can grab a coffee and a muffin right before you head to the office. Once in a while, if we're lucky, Mason will come in with his espresso machine and make lattes.

It's a good opportunity to socialize with other folks in Cambridge Bay, especially the teachers. There are limited social opportunities in a place with no bars or malls, so this is how we meet new folks in town and catch up with each other on the latest gossip. And it goes towards a great cause, allowing the students in Cambridge Bay to have an experience of a lifetime overseas.

Cafe Europa happens on Friday mornings from 8:00AM to approximately 9AM at Kiilinik High School.