Wednesday, March 11, 2015

sights around town

I've been walking around town, dragging behind me a sled that I use to bring home heavier loads like groceries, packages from the mail box, or gardening supplies. It's a dinky little green plastic sled with the handles broken that I stole from a friend who stole it from some kid.

People see me with my little sled and they keep asking me if I'm going sliding. Really? Is that what people think I'm doing, a grown adult with no children, going out sliding by myself at noon? ...Actually, that sounds like a good idea.

Life goes on as usual in Cambridge Bay. The days are getting longer, and although it's still freezing cold (the windchill keeps hovering between -40 and -50), we're starting to get hints of spring. The other day, I was dragging my groceries home on a sled and decided to take the long walk home along the shore. I was able to watch the town go about their business, living out a day in the life of an Arctic community.

One of the sailboats from Europe that is being stored on shore for the winter until the Arctic ocean thaws again

Filling up on gas. 
Our gas meters don't display the prices, because the price of gas stays constant all year round.

I saw this man teaching his son how to ride a bicycle, down the street from me. In the snow. In -45 degree windchill weather. Having only one training wheel, the kid fell over a few times. But he was okay, because he was wearing a snowsuit. He just got back up on the bike. Meanwhile, all of you stayed inside complaining how cold it was.  Northern kids are tough.

bicycle lessons

Preparing the ice road that stretches out over the frozen Arctic ocean

This front end loader is pushing a truck, for whatever reason (maybe the tow trucks were busy?)

instructions for the water truck