Friday, September 16, 2016

finding water in the best way ever

When I woke up Sunday morning, a palm tree slamming its leaves against my window had knocked down the makeshift window screen I had made out of an extra mosquito net, letting in new hungry hungry mosquitos.

 (what a weird sentence that was. never thought a palm tree would turn against me as a nemesis.)

More pressingly, we were still out of water, which happens occasionally (sometimes mid-shower). Actually, some of the taps were out of water. The other taps were spewing out brown sludge, which made me decide I should skip my Korean skincare beauty routine for that day. Instead I brushed my teeth with coconut water.

(not sure how my dentist will feel about this.)

The lack of water was a pain, because I needed to do laundry and was out of underwear. Also, the internet was slow because everyone was on it. And we had drunk all of our potable water.

No running water, no drinking water, no underwear, no internet. I thought for a moment about escaping to a hotel room for one night, where there would be glorious air conditioning, bathtubs of water, room service and laundry service. But instead, I decided to treat myself by splurging a couple of dollars to get into the Tower Suites pool. Two words: Swim-up bar.

(that might have been three words)

The pool bar was open, there was an endless supply of plaintain chips, as well as an endless supply of Sam Smith, which was what the hotel was playing all day.

Can I just also repeat that one of the things I love about Georgetown is that the four storeys of the hotel makes it a tower?

By the time I got back home, the water and internet was back on, and I could get my laundry done.

(actually my kind landlady did my laundry for me)

 Travel tip: you never know what your laundry situation will be, so be sure to only pack the kind of underwear you want all your neighbours to see, flopping on the clothesline in the wind.