Thursday, September 15, 2016

walking tours of Georgetown

On Sunday, we decided to try out a walking tour provided by a company called Provotique Walking Tours. Our tour guide was the lovely Ruqayyah Boyer who is Guyana's own beauty pageant queen. She not only told us stories about the buildings and landmarks downtown, but she would also occasionally break out in song.  She was like a real life Disney princess.

Our sweet tour guide

On particular thing that I appreciated was having two police officers personally guard our walking tour, because robbery is quite a problem in Guyana. This meant I was finally able to take photos around town while feeling safe from potential muggers. So here you are - actual photos of Georgetown!

The Archbishop's residence

Bank of Guyana and War Memorial

City Engineers Department

City Hall - Ruqayyah commented that it kind of looks like a Disney castle

the sewage drains that run along the streets of Guyana

The electoral offices - often the site of violence during election times in the past

The courts, with a statue of Queen Victoria


President's residence (that rhymes!)

Prime Minister's place

St. Andrew's Kirk

St. George's cathedral, one of the largest wooden churches in the world

Old train station, from when Guyana used to have trains

Yoga centre...lots of folks of Indian descent here

oh hay!