Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Liming at the Seawall

Guyana has this lovely tradition here where people go liming at the Seawall on Sunday evenings.  Friends and families and lovers hang out over a couple of drinks at the long stretch of sea wall that the Dutch had built to keep out the Atlantic Ocean. Vendors sell beer, nuts and other snacks, and there are fun activities to keep kids entertained too, including trampolines and a guy in what looks like a really hot Mickey Mouse costume that you can get your photo taken with for a fee. I can't imagine wearing that in this weather.


It provides a lovely view of the sun setting into the ocean, but folks hang out long after sunset, especially to snuggle with their loved ones.

It's not always the safest place for foreigners, especially after dark, but it was fun for us to check out while there was still some daylight.  Also, to awkwardly pose for those stereotypical beach photos that North Americans always expect from the Caribbean.