Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cambridge Bay Christmas Bazaar

Cambridge Bay held its annual Christmas Bazaar last week,  popular event where all of the town's crafters, artists, bakers, and other business folks show off their wares to residents looking for Christmas gift ideas.

We took part this year, selling our hand-rolled Korean-style sushi (kimbap) and our homemade kimchi flavoured with Arctic char, featuring green onions grown from my indoor Arctic garden. The sushi sold out quickly, as it usually does, but we were pleasantly surprised to find out that our kimchi was popular as well, as it also sold out within an hour.

We were also selling band merchandise in form of t-shirts, baby clothes, and underwear.  We did not sell out of granny panties, but did make some sales as well, which is cool. Obviously Cambridge Bay supports independent music.

It was fun to see what other people were selling as well, and it made me realize that for such a small town, we have a lot of cool things.  I gorged on a plate of rice, deviled eggs and toast sandwiches from Salma's Kitchen (did you know Cambridge Bay has a Bangladeshi food takeout place?). Cambridge Bay resident John was selling a table full of Arctic fox furs, and did very well in sales.

The biggest highlight of course was Ronnie's Arctic char antipasto, as it is every year.  People literally line up outside for up to half an hour for the chance to buy a char of Ronnie's famous char antipasto, and once the bazaar doors open, people sprint for her table. She always sells out very, very quickly. Perhaps one day my Arctic char kimchi will also be this popular.

Lining up for Ronnie's char antipasto

As for me, once I was done selling my wares, I bought myself a beautiful pair of sealskin mitts made by local artist Zuleika. Bring on the cold weather! My hands will be ready and warm.