Wednesday, December 17, 2014

getting ready for Christmas in Cambridge Bay

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas around here. People have been showing their holiday spirit, even in a place like this, where it's pretty hard to get a full-grown Christmas tree, this far above the treeline. In fact, one man from Kugluktuk takes his snowmobile out down 60 kilometres to the treeline every year to get a real Christmas tree! The rest of us make do with little plastic ones.

I love this house's Christmas decorations!

 This house has Christmas lights on the back of their house too!

One of my favourite Christmas decorations is the house of William and Annie. Annie sells delicious bannock to me during the week. Every year for  the last ten years, the family likes to get together and make lovely little snow sculptures around their house.  

an igloo, an inukshuk, and a jolly snowman

Even their trash can is festive!

As for us, we had a party with our friends to celebrate Christmas and raise a bit of money for local needy families.


deejay station

 every Christmas party should have loot bags!

On another night, we had a little Christmas party in one of the hotel suites in town.

We even managed to get a roaring fireplace going, which isn't an easy accomplishment when there are no trees in the Arctic (and therefore no firewood).

The sun has stopped rising these days, but we do get these gorgeous twilight moments around noons that fills up the bay with these beautiful colours. The little bit of "daylight" is fleeting but its ephemeral quality makes me just appreciate it all the more.

the frozen Arctic ocean

the old Hudson Bay Company outpost

 the moon is already out at noon

 Baby, it's cold outside

Today I'm flying out down south to enjoy some "warm" winter weather. a couple of hours of daylight, and most importantly, some quality time with family and friends. Posts will probably somewhat infrequent over the holidays, but I hope you all enjoy yours!