Wednesday, December 10, 2014

the "last chance" Christmas bazaar

On Saturday, Cambridge Bay held its "Last Chance" Christmas Bazaar, named as such to distinguish it from the other Christmas Bazaar held earlier last month, and not because it's actually the last chance to buy Christmas gifts because everyone knows that you can always run to the store ten minutes before closing on Christmas Eve (not that this is a habit of mine...)

The opportunity to go shopping in Cambridge Bay is very exciting for me, and I'm sure for a lot of other people too. We only have two grocery stores and a hardware store in town, so there isn't much of a shopping scene here. Heck, we get excited about going shopping in Yellowknife, a fact that confuses most people who live in Yellowknife and consider it a small town and in turn tend to go to Edmonton for their shopping trips. Sometimes I will have incredibly vivid dreams about standing in a Bluenotes store looking at tank tops, or eating a 99 cent hot dog at Ikea.

This is why the fact there was a blizzard did not stop us from going shopping at the bazaar.

Of course, walking through a blizzard is not the easiest thing. Even with my parka to keep me warm, I had to battle the winds which threatened to pick me up and blow me away like a kite.  And to protect my face, I had to pull my coyote fur-lined hood down low, which basically means I had no peripheral vision while walking. You'd hope that as I'm blindly stumbling across the street that the drivers in the car would watch for me, but I find that their peripheral vision is often limited by their parka hoods too.

It's kind of surreal to listen to Teen Daze's Beach Dreams record while walking through the Arctic blizzard.

Once I got to the Bazaar, it was clear that I wasn't the only one battling the blizzard to do a little shopping. The high school gym was packed.

Vendors included crafts, Mary Kay cosmetics, Bangladeshi food from Salma's Kitchen, photography from Denise Lebleu Images (our band photographer), a bake sale to raise funds for the food bank, and Red Sun Productions selling their famous prints on muskox poo paper.

I had gone to the bazaar with the intention of buying Christmas gifts but as you can see I spent most of my money on food.  Again.

Oh well, I could always run into the Future Shop at the last minute on Christmas Eve...