Monday, December 15, 2014

Cambridge Bay Ultimate Frisbee

Did you know Cambridge Bay has an ultimate frisbee league?

Despite being a small town, Cambridge Bay has a lot of random things. Like Bangladeshi food take-out and a Reiki therapist (but still no sit-down restaurant or hair stylist).  Cambridge Bay has a pretty impressive selection of indoor recreational activities too, which are open to the public and generally free, including soccer, badminton, basketball, curling, volleyball, hockey, and table tennis. 

But my favourite is ultimate frisbee, probably because everyone is super-friendly rather than intimidatingly competitive. There's a wide range of skills, from people who have never played organized sports before to people who I suspect played professionally at some point but won't tell us about their glory days. The rules for the sport are easy enough to figure out quickly: you're trying to score by getting the frisbee to the other side (like football), but you can't run with the frisbee in your hand (like basketball) - you only have 8 seconds to hold it before you have to pass it to someone else. That might be like basketball, but I don't actually know the rules for basketball. Come to think of it, I don't really know the rules for football either.  But ultimate frisbee is easier.

Best of all, everyone's really supportive, since we're just all out to have a fun time while getting a bit of exercise.  It's particularly nice on cold winter days, when you've been cooped up at your desk all day and you just need a chance to run around...just not outside in the -50 winter weather.

First team to get 15 points wins

Ultimate frisbee is at the high school gym on Saturdays at noon, unless there's an event happening that day, in which case it's on Sunday at noon. It's also on Mondays at 8:30PM.  It also doesn't run during the summer, when the high school gym is closed to the public (but then you can just go kayaking).

I like to drink Slush during the games

playing ultimate frisbee in the pool

ultimate frisbee: one big party