Saturday, May 30, 2009


yesterday i went to chilliwack on business. it was farther from vancouver than i thought, over an hour and a half's drive, but it was such a beautiful day that i didn't mind. it's located in the Fraser Valley, so we got a chance to drive over the beautiful Fraser River which seems to snake in all sorts of funny directions through this regions.

when we pulled in, the sky was clear blue and sunny and i was taken in by the vast chains of mountains surrounding all sides. it's so odd to see the snow-capped peaks when i myself felt too sweaty to wear my blazer. we spent an hour sitting on the patio of the Wild Oats Cafe, sipping tea and eating delicious brownies and enjoying the sun. Unfortunately the majority of my stay there was spent in the courthouse, but i was glad to have a glimpse of the quaint area. we took a stroll around the small downtown area and passed some really cool craft shops. i guess next time i'll have to explore it a bit more, when not on business and feeling pressured to docket my minutes.

i seriously need a car. there are so many places that i want to visit, like the Okanagan, Vancouver Island, Point Roberts (solely for the freak geopolitical oddity that it is), but it's hard to get around past the city limits without a car (or, more importantly, a friend with a car...)