Tuesday, May 26, 2009

this is the beginning

i try not to cheat too often, but i'm tired tonight so i'm just copying and pasting from my journal:

"i'd gone to a TV on the Radio concert at the Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park and the whole show was over by 9:30PM. i haven't been feeling well all day so i didn't want to go, but i went anyway because i didn't want to let Ed down. i'm glad i did go though. we had fun, and i was reminded of how i want to spend my whole summer outside.

i've only begun to explore Stanley Park, even though i've been going there all my life. i was glad i changed out of my suit into street clothes, because i don't know what would look more awkward than wearing a suit in one of the world's most beautiful urban parks. well, i suppose that asian man hanging around in a suit with a tie around his head probably looked more awkward than i'll ever be, but you get all sorts of folks around here.

i watched a bald eagle swoop down on a crow in the park. sometimes i feel like i'm caught in some magical land. there are seventeen bald eagle nests in the park. my neighbours have palm trees on their lawn. i eat dinner on the beach and always see a face i know, from a distant memory. everyone is thin and beautiful. girlfriends that i lost to arranged marriages in my teen years pop up. i take a bus and somehow end up in a paradise cove where i can paddle myself out on a surfboard and feel the salt sea spray in my face. i frequently have moments where i feel like time stays still. and everywhere i go there are these blue, blue, blue mountains. one day i'm going to wake up and find that this whole summer has been a dream.

also, i have acne for the first time since i was thirteen years old. not so fantastic. toronto gave me asthma, vancouver gave me acne."