Wednesday, May 20, 2009

rhyzome cafe

this blog is slowly going to turn into a restaurant review column. it would be an awful column, because i would just rave about how great everything tastes. i can't help it though. vancouver has such an amazing culinary scene.

last night, i went out with amanda and maria to the rhyzome cafe, this unique place that serves as a cafe / art show venue / meeting space for activists. "healthy fresh food"? "organic fairly traded coffee"? so vancouver. delicious. they also feature a Pay What You Can lentil stew, which i imagine comes in handy for the many less fortunate folks that hang around Broadway, and also, students.

vancouver has finally stopped being perpetually twelve degrees and rainy, and i have been in a gorgeous mood. tonight i was sitting on the beach, playing my guitar to the sunset, and then a lesbian gave me a flower. what a beautiful city.