Sunday, May 3, 2009

sunday in kitsilano

you know you're lazy when you can't get the energy to walk down to the beach at the end of the street so you can take a nap listening to ocean sounds.

i explored my neighbourhood this morning and i realized that my wallet is screwed. there are so many shops to check out, shows to see, and things in general to do. AND food to eat. my waistline is also screwed. this place has no end to culinary creativity. i had a quick bite at the Kits Coffee Co and had a delicious breakfast muffin of turkey, egg, swiss cheese, and salsa. i would never have thought to put all those together and call it "breakfast" but it just worked so well.

i read a vancouver newspaper during breakfast and it seems like everything is about drug legalization, fish farms, ferries, and the Olympics. no big surprises there.