Wednesday, May 6, 2009

korean food

i've come to the realization that no matter how good the food is here in vancouver, it doesn't change the fact that i'm a crappy cook. and, unless i eat out every single meal (can i? can i?) i'm probably going to starve to death if i don't hit up the grocery store. so i stopped by the H-Mart on my way home from work.

when i left Toronto, i was sad about leaving my beloved Koreatown. i forgot, of course, that Vancouver has no shortage of asians. After all, you have vancouver, vancouver island, the ocean....then asia. H-Mart seems to be the main hangout spot downtown for koreans on the run, especially korean tourists. for some reason, korean tourists seem to like coming to canada and then hanging out at the korean supermarket to sign up for korean bus tours.

H-Mart was pretty impressive, a learning experience. i sum it up in form of commercial slogans.

H-Mart: All Brands of Mandu, But No Pyonghwa. Why?

H-Mart: Since When Does Kimchi Have An Expiry Date?

H-Mart: Ramen Spice Now Comes in "Midium"

H-Mart: So You Bought Kimchi, Ramen, Rice, and Kim. We Still Know You're A Banana And Will Keep Speaking To You In English.

stuff doesn't taste too bad. there really isn't anything quite like grandma's kimchi though. back in toronto.