Friday, August 21, 2009

family trip to montreal

within a half hour of getting into montreal, i found myself trying to find ways to move here sometime in the future. hello mcgill! i've had this love affair with montreal ever since i was eighteen, and my friends and i spent a week here, exploring the city and hanging out. it was the first trip i had ever taken without my parents, not including school trips. some seven years later, after many more trips, i've found there is always so much more to discover in this city.

my parents have found the same thing. my dad just bought a new GPS for our car, and instead of using a map, we've been following that around the city. yesterday, my father accidentally hit BIODOME as our destination instead of our hotel, so we ended up driving all the way across the city instead. at least it was a nice view, even if it was in the middle of rush hour. i have missed my family.