Monday, August 31, 2009

so i can't be a professional painter or a biker

i have been riding my new bike to get around the city, and i've gotten sore in places that i didn't know could be sore. the Netherlands is killing my nether regions. when i first bought my bike, it was really ugly, so i painted it. since it was me that painted it, it is now even uglier, but at least she is a patriotic shade of red and white. her name is Tegan, after one of my favourite Canadian bands.

i have discovered, however, that even in the safe insulation of the bike path, the bicycle still has a natural predator: the motorcycle, which for some reason is allowed to ride on bike paths. also, it appears that i do not remember how to ride a bike, because braking one single-speed bikes is really difficult, especially while navigating through a downtown crowd. so far, i've hit two curbs and one other bicyclists. i'm sure there is a motorcycle out there with my name on its front wheel. if anyone tries those idioms about "easy as riding a bicycle" or "you never forget it - like riding a bicycle", i swear, i will cry.