Friday, August 7, 2009

this week's theme: stuff on the walls

meg is visiting, which means that i've been eating out a lot lately and meeting folks. the other day, we went to the eatery, a north american-style sushi place that seems to have Astro Boy as their mascot. it's a pretty zany place, with toys and figurines and paintings and paraphernalia all over the walls and ceilings, kind of like the way you might see at a diner. at first i was skeptical because people know my opinion on non-asian asian restaurants, but i have to admit that i was pretty impressed by the very long and very creative menu. meg and laura sang the glories of the electric banana sushi, made of yes eel and banana. we also ordered saketinis, which is also as western as it gets with asian ingredients. still pretty delicious.

last night we dined with one of those guys that sells clothing at the nude beach. Graham is pretty awesome.

i'm heading off to Mission this weekend to spend some much needed time with my relatives. it'll be nice to see them. and then there's sunday. should i go see Smokey Robinson, and Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings at the Burnaby Roots and Blues Festival? i feel like i kind of have to make this happen.