Thursday, August 27, 2009

HEY this coffeeshop doesn't serve any coffee

J-Man says:
i'd like to visit amsterdam

J-Man says:
not for the pot but because amsterdam is the one place in the world you can be a transvestite, neo-nazi, pot smoking stripper and no one will think that that's odd

lesson i learned today: it is very difficult to find simple, inexpensive, practical furniture in the red light district of Amsterdam. Ikea does not feel a need to market towards stoned tourists, although this surprises me, given the fact that there is probably nothing more appealing to a stoned tourist than the idea of 99 cent hotdogs and swedish candy.

when you think about how much tourism Amsterdam attracts from the weed-and-hookers scene, a lot of the weird things about the city start to make sense. like Febo, (BURGERS IN A FREAKING VENDING MACHINE) a concept that disgusts me to no end, but probably is the answer to the prayer of a stoner with the munchies.

also, the fact that all of the streets in the centre of downtown go in damn circles (as opposed to a rational grid system) probably work interestingly with the stoned crowds. on one hand, if you can't find a street, just walk in any given direction and you'll eventually hit it. that's useful when your IQ has been stunted badly by pot. on the other hand, you'll keep running into the same street over and over again, even if you're walking in different directions. this is probably a little freaky. maybe all the weird things in amsterdam are set up to enhance/freak out the tourists. not the Canadian tourists though. we already have Vancouver.

is it wrong that i like to look at what kind of guys go into those stores with the naked dancing girls in the windows? and i don't mean peeking...i mean getting a good look...