Friday, August 14, 2009

winding down, tying up loose ends

well my summer in vancouver is drawing to a close. today is my last day at work (and i am late!) and right afterwards i'll be heading off to Salmon Arm with meg for the weekend to go to the Roots and Blues Festival, where i hope that Johnny Winter will hold on living long enough to play a sweet show. come on Johnny! Les Paul can wait!

last night i had a beautiful send-off from the various friends i've made in vancouver this summer, my roommates, coworkers, classmates, the musicians, the animators, and even a girl i've only been conversing with on the internet. we had it at my favourite vancouver bar, Cafe Deux Soleils, and Fraser let me play a set for the open mic. i played one of my oldest blues songs (Better Wash My Sheets) and my newest song about driving to Whistler. it was pretty fantastic, and makes me particularly sad about leaving this place.

okay, i better head off to work, so i don't get fired on my last day of work.