Friday, May 3, 2013

charity fridays: run baby run

It's Charity Friday again! Which, if I had an alliterative mind at all, I would have originally named Fundraiser Friday.  Either way, consider offering your monetary support to my colleagues, who all apparently love to run:
  •  My friend Erin is running her very first marathon this month for the Ottawa Race Weekend. I always laugh at the phrase "first marathon" because once I hit my first, I'll be happy and quit. Anyway, not only is she running her first marathon, she's also raising money to fund scholarships for the Afghan School Project.  $25 will fund one month of English and computing courses for students in Kandahar. Only $25 will make such a big difference in a Afghan students life! That's how much I spend on muskox earrings! Donate here.

  • Over on the other side of the river, my friend Genevi√®ve is also running for charity. She'll be running for cancer research on Team Sylvia Reiter as part of Montreal's Defi Canderel. This event involves participants running through the streets of Montreal. I would personally find it difficult to run through the streets of Montreal without stopping at every other shop to eat the delicious dishes Montreal has to power to the runners of the Defi Canderel for exercising their will power not to do so.

  • Over on the other side of the ocean, my friend Leigh is running the 5K race for the Race For Life London in the UK, where she currently lives. I am suggesting that she run her 5K race "Gloria-style", which means, with snow pants and spikes on the bottom of her shoes. Regardless, give her your support. Proceeds go to funding cancer research.

Meanwhile, some of you know that I've signed up for the 30X30 Challenge, by CBC and the David Suzuki Foundation. The goal is to spend 30 minutes outside, every day, for 30 days. You'd think it won't be too hard for me, since I tend to go for jogs outside and I walk to work.  But we'll see when a spring blizzard hits.   Anyway, I'll be posting some photos from my challenge on a weekly basis.

Day 1: The first challenge was to drink your daily coffee under a tree instead of at your desk. However, we have no trees above the treeline, so I decided to drink my tea on a frozen beach instead. Reading comics. In my snow pants.

Day 2: Beautiful sun dogs in the sky