Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nunavut dog drama

There is some mad dog drama going on in town.  Cambridge Bay apparently has a problem with packs of dogs that run loose through town. Some of the dogs are really friendly, like the three-legged Malamute that I've nicknamed Lefty, who joins me spontaneously on my running route sometimes.

Some of them are not so well-trained.  People have complained that the dogs running wild steal their own dogs' food, or worse, attack their puppies. These fights that occur are often unfair, because domestic dogs are chained up to the yard, while the loose dogs are not. There's a certain sense of helplessness and resentment on the part of the owners too, who have been following the rules by keeping their dogs on a leash, and yet feel like they can't defend their dogs when attacked because it's only the by-law officer who is allowed to put down dangerous dogs.  People grumble about how they're going to start to need guard dogs for their guard dogs.  You can bet in the old days it wasn't like this.

Even worse, there have been cases of rabies reported recently in some dogs. They've had to put down the dogs and remove their brains to examine the disease.  This is how it all ends, my friends. The zombie apocalypse starts with a few seemingly innocent reports of rabies outbreaks in stray dogs.  Soon enough it becomes undead people, hungry for brains. I always thought Cambridge Bay Nunavut would be the last haven from the hordes of zombies, not that catalyst.  You heard it from here first.

And then there's baby-making that goes on. That's a whole different kind of drama.  It seems like all the dogs in town go into heat all at the same time. I don't know if you've ever heard a dozen dogs all howl the same lovesick song at high noon, but it's a creepy sound.

I've seen this pair of dogs in particular running all over town, causing a scandal with their PDA

There's one dog that I always pass on my way to work: I call him Circle Dog because he always runs excitedly in a circle around the metal pole that he's tied to.  He always seems so confused, the way he runs around in circles but apparently Circle Dog is not so naive, because he's the baby daddy of a bunch of new litters in town. Keep in mind that this guy is chained to a pole all day long. The lonely girl-dogs come to him to get pregnant. What a life.

Meet Circle Dog, the top dog in town.