Wednesday, May 29, 2013

the houses of iqaluit

I really do love the visual styles of the buildings in Iqaluit. They aren't by any means old or historical; the city of Iqaluit itself isn't very old, seeing how it was settled only 70 years ago and became a city in 2001.  It isn't necessarily of some sort of traditional Inuit style either.  What it is, however, is bright, unique, striking, and daring.  The style of the buildings are so unusual and experimental, you get a sense that their creators were dreaming about all the things they could try, maybe as a symbol of a hope for what the future would bring.

the fire station, I think?

believe it or not, but this is a church 

junior high school

The only French school in the entire territory of Nunavut

Not your typical office building.

the office building where I worked during my stay in Iqaluit

Some of the houses in Iqaluit remind me of the houses in the East Coast, like the brightly coloured houses in St. John's

The women's shelter, painted a calming hue of teal, which also happens to be the colour for sexual violence