Thursday, May 23, 2013

Omingmak Frolics: Fashion show

Cambridge Bay recently celebrated Frolics, our big spring festival.  Down south, people notice the signs of spring by the buds in the trees, the melting of the snow into green grass, and the warming of weather causing people to prematurely pull out short shorts.  Here in the north, we can tell its spring because...well, everything is still frozen, including the ocean. The snow doesn't really melt as much as it evaporates.  But it does get a bit warmer -  at -10°C, everyone's keeping the windows open and walking around in hoodies and talking about how nice the weather is.

I guess the biggest sign of spring in the north is the fact that the sun stops setting and it's just daylight ALL THE TIME. That's enough to make you want to stay up, go outside and celebrate for a week, isn't it?

I started off my spring festivities by checking out the traditional fashion show that was being held in the community centre. It was a great opportunity to show off the talented seamstresses in the community, with models showing off beautiful, intricate fur coats handsewn by themselves or their mothers decades ago.  There whole thing would have made a PETA activist weep. It was impressive. I have no idea how the models didn't melt from overheating, wearing those coats inside.  There were young boys modelling some coats, mothers and daughters showcasing matching outfits, and little babies who could barely see out of their warm furry hoods.

posing with the models

At one point, a baby fell on his face. I laughed out loud. I am a horrible person.

The town also held a barbecue, giving out free burgers.  A lot of people were really happy about the free food, including me.

this is what an arctic barbecue looks like
fancy ladies: me and Christine at the Frolics banquet