Friday, May 24, 2013

Omingmak Frolics: A parade in Cambridge Bay

My favourite part of the Frolics festival was the big parade that went around town - or basically, down one street and back down another. Despite the fact that it was a festival to celebrate spring, it was a parade that marched through snow and ice-covered roads, in true Cambridge Bay style. Floats from all sorts of Cam Bay organizations passed by the spectators, who were mostly excited about the free candy that was being thrown at them and into the snow banks.  Small kids on bikes pushed through the slush to follow the parade, with other small children running dangerously in front of the trucks to get candy. Taxi cabs blasted metal music, for reasons I couldn't really understand. ATVs rode along, decorated with caribou skulls, holding babies and waving hockey jerseys.  It was a classic Cambridge Bay sight

the day care float, complete with adorable kids

i have no idea why Elvis was on this float
Yes, that is a grizzly bear hide on the hood of the Kitikmeot Inuit Association float. #CamBayStyle

caribou skull!
the people of the Department of Health, frightening all the children with their GIANT NEEDLE
 i love this float, which is basically a love song to hockey on an ATV
Inukshuk float!

Right after the parade, the town crowned the official Frolics King and Queen, followed by a live show with Iqaluit blues rockers The Tradeoffs.

posing with the Frolics King

 Rock show in Cam Bay! A rare treat

 the members of the band pose with the town mascot, Ollie.
I was very disappointed that I didn't have a chance to get a picture with Ollie.

Frolics also featured a number of other fun events, including snowmobile races and a talent show.

a small girl shows off her skill at the talent show

people gathering for the snowmobile races out on the ice

 the ladies' snowmobile race