Thursday, July 23, 2009

explosions in the sky

last night, Choo and i checked out the opening night of the "Celebration of Light" fireworks competition going on here in vancouver. there's a similar thing in ottawa, except that i have to drive over half an hour to another province to see it. here in vancouver, i just walk to the end of the street, hang out at the beach playing guitars with Choo, and then the explosions in the sky come to us. it was pretty impressive. we didn't have a radio to sync music with the fireworks, but i was still thrilled. the show lasted a pretty long time too, much longer than the Canada Day ones in Ottawa, i feel. all bright lights....felt like drugs. i have a lot of good memories of fireworks. the fourth of july when my band played a show on top of the brad's roof in the kensington market, and the kids shot off fireworks into the toronto cityline. the time we set off dozens of explosions in the sky for eccles' birthday at his cottage, playing Explosions in the Sky in the backgruond, and the grass caught on fire, melting the plastic fence. that was the first time i had met Majewski.

seemed like the whole town had come out to catch the free show. there were teenagers passing beer cans back and forth under the volleyball nets, and entire Indian families sitting in the sand. cops everywhere. getting out of the beach after the show was pretty hectic. choo and i agreed we'll have to catch the next one.