Friday, July 24, 2009

these chords aren't so amazing to sober people

i am going to Seattle this weekend for my education in American indie music at the Capitol Hill Block Party, sort of the gay/grunge district (so Seattle). SONIC YOUTH. i am fully aware that Sonic Youth is playing in Vancouver the next night, but i am much much much more into going to a massive block party with the yankees. also, i hate the concept of V-fest.


today choo and i took our guitars down to Cafe Deux Soleils in the hopes of playing at the Open Mic, but the place was packed and we didn't get spots. unfazed, we wandered down Commercial Drive until we found some folks jamming in the park, clarinet, mandolin, fiddle, trumpet...we'd stumbled upon the vancouver Flash Mob Collective. we sat down with our guitars and joined in, as various street folks wandered by, and had a pretty pleasant time, until a fight broke out between two druggies over who stole whose drugs. ugh.