Sunday, July 26, 2009

green tortoise hostel

every time people ask me where i'm from, i give a different answer. sometimes i say toronto, sometimes i say vancouver, sometimes i say ottawa (if they seem like the kind of person who knows where that is. someone yesterday didn't recognize toronto).

i'm pretty impressed with Green Tortoise Hostel i'm staying at. maybe i'm not so old; i love hostel life. this one is particularly impressive. it's got free breakfast and free internet, and even a smoking room for the smokers. each bed has its own privacy curtains and its own fan and light. and the location just can't be beat, right next to pike place market and across the street from the first starbucks ever built.

last night, the guy at the front desk invited me to have a glass of wine with him, so i sat down and talked with him. he told me about how hé's spending his time going back and forth seasonally between the two coasts according to his needs. New York, for the money, and the West Coast for the awesome relaxation our mental health so badly needs. what a life. then i joined some other folks watching the Princess Bride in the lounge. that movie is *timeless*.