Monday, July 6, 2009

the Rural Alberta Advantage

last night Choo and i saw a Toronto band singing about Alberta, performing in Vancouver. i've been a fan of the Rural Alberta Advantage for a while, but even i was surprised at the turnout for the Sunday night show. the Media Club was packed, totally full, and even Gene Simmons was there. you could tell that Nils was absolutely floored at the massive crowd, and the fact that everyone in the audience was singing along to all the songs. despite looking a bit overwhelmed, they put on an excellent show. Paul Banwatt is an insane drummer with an intensity in his drumming face that would slay a thousand swooning lovesick ladies. the audience dragged them out for two more encores, and they ended the night by bringing their instruments to the middle of the floor and singing a final good night song, acoustic, with the crowd gathered around them. a great show. it made me miss Toronto and the old band.

Hermetics opened for them. they are rapidly becoming my new favourite Vancouver band. It is impressive how a two-man band can be so rocking...and cute at the same time. they just need to put out an album soon.