Sunday, July 26, 2009

happy 50th birthday, Thurston Moore, i took a beating for you

going to a sonic youth concert is apparently a bit like having a thousand people make love to you at the same time. i don't mean it in the sense of a bunch of people simultaneously enjoying themselves, although i suppose that's probably true too. i mean it more in the sense, especially when you're front row and centre, a thousand people are pressing up against you and you find random (girls'!) arms around your waist for inexplicable reasons and you find your dress is being pulled off just from the sheer pressure.

and then i got kicked in the face. that's not normal bedroom behaviour i think, but i can tell you that it's swollen and it hurts like hell. i felt my neck go craaaaack and the next thing i knew, i was bleeding. after the (drunk) guy left i screamed a long string of curses after him with a vehemence that probably surprised all the people around me who thought i was a nice polite Canadian girl. the thought ran across my mind that maybe i'm getting old for rock concerts, but i look on the stage and remember that both kim gordon and thurston moore are older than my parents and still rocking out, so i refuse to accept that i at twenty-four am too old for rock. but maybe my rocking out is going to have to be restricted to either hanging out far back...or being on stage. because dammit, it hurts to breathe right now.