Sunday, August 7, 2011

beach day on the island

yesterday morning, rob's dad drove us around the island to where his side of the family is from, in Emerald. we got to see the old family farms, which have now got giant (scary) wind turbines erected over the potato fields. We continued on past the shipping coves of Malpeque Bay, home of the delicious oysters and also where Rob's grandmother is from, on to Cabot Beach. It was a sunny day so the perfect time to take advantage of the sun and the salty Atlantic Ocean.

On our way back, we passed by St. Mary's Church in Indian River. This is an incredible church placed in the middle of nowhere, seeming to rise right out of the potato fields.

The inside is even more beautiful. CBC records a lot of shows performed there. maybe one day Scary Bear Soundtrack will play a special acoustic show there.

on the way back, we also BOUGHT EGGS FROM NOBODY.

invisible sellers of eggs

this is what i love about the Island. basically you drive up to a mini barn where there are eggs for sale (but nobody selling them). you drop a toonie into a basket and pick out your favourite eggs. it's based on the honour system, the eggs are fresh, and nobody is stuck being bored manning the egg stand all day.

in the evening, we headed back out to Charlottetown, which seems like the place to be on the island on a Saturday night.

in the evenings, they project a big light show on to the historical Province House, which is pretty neat to watch.

we also checked out Gahan House, which brews their own beer locally.

obviously i got a beer sample tray.

man, i love trying local beers. at Island prices too. yum yum.