Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Brunswick: trees, mostly.

start your day right, right?

we've arrived in Prince Edward Island! yesterday we spent the day tackling New Brunswick, which is mainly a lot of trees, and not a lot else for long stretches. We spent a big chunk of our time eating Vache Qui Rit cheese with the last of our Fairmount bagels from Montreal, and looking all over the province for the new Spiderman issue that was released that day, featuring Black Spiderman, or as I call it, Bladerman.

It's been pretty cold all day. We laughed at the radio station reporting the UV index, which seems unnecessary when the forecast is just rain rain rain.

Rob did stop by Magnetic Hill, in Moncton, reluctantly at my insistence. he openly mocked me the entire time, but i was quite enthusiastic for the whole trip about visiting this MAGICAL HILL that is the THIRD MOST VISITED NATURAL ATTRACTION IN CANADA. I could try to explain this magical place to you, i could send you to the best youtube videos documenting the drive, but i think it's hard to understand until you actually get to the top (or bottom) of that hill, put your car in neutral, and watch in amazement as your car rolls UP THE HILL on its own. what's the secret? magic? giant magnet? optical illusion? I DON'T WANT TO KNOW.

instructions for Magnetic Hill

getting ready to go down (up?) Magnetic Hill

the wharf village at Magnetic Hill

the next visual road wonder was Confederation Bridge, one of the longest bridges in the world. every time i go on this bridge, i can't help but thinking that the view must be majestic - if you're a tall person.

one day i'd like to take the Confederation Bridge not tailgating behind a giant truck

and then we were in Prince Edward Island. finally! how i've missed the potato fields, the red sands, the towns with magical names like Victoria By the Sea, the random sights like half a dozen people standing in parking lots playing bagpipes...more rain...

it's my vacation; i can wear whatever i want