Friday, August 12, 2011

on the way home

well, we've finally made it home from our annual trip to Prince Edward Island. the drive was pretty smooth, but still long. this is the third time now that i've driven to the east coast; I wonder at what point does it get easier and seem not so long? i guess i might have to try driving out to BC sometime; after that, nothing will seem as long.

this time on our way back we stopped off in the town of Montmagny for the night.

at first i wasn't terribly impressed by montmagny. if you look at the above picture, every single store on that block has gone out of business, except for this one resource office which helps people find jobs. that can't be a good omen. all the empty streets...

but then we rounded the corner and found the actual downtown Montmagny. it was still quiet and empty but with all the pretty shops and stages set up in the park, it wasn't so hard to believe that the town was probably livelier during the day.

and then we were defeated by Casa Pizza. on the road, we were thinking about how we were craving pizza. then we arrived in Montmagny and found in the motel a single pamphlet for Casa Pizza. okay, that sounds like fate. we went over to Casa Pizza and rob decided that the two of us could probably handle a 16 inch meat lover pizza. WRONG. we had never been confronted by Casa Pizza before.

what is hidden from view is the massive piles of meat underneath the cheese. what cook in his right mind would stack that much meat on a pizza? did the Casa Pizza folks think that I was the Epic Mealtime guys in disguise? i could have done bench presses with the pizza, the box was so heavy. it was sheer madness. the words "too much meat" has never crossed these lips before but i came awful close that night.

but now we've arrived at home safely in Ottawa, with a suitcase of dirty (red dirt) clothes, a case of Gahan beer and a bag of island potatos that we bought from NOBODY.

potatos bought from NOBODY