Monday, August 8, 2011


yesterday we drove out to Summerside to hang out with our buddies Ian and Mackenzie. Ian's parents said that THE place to go in Summerside for eats was Brothers Two, which as it turns out, is also a dinner theatre joint.

we did not, however, do dinner theatre. Lobsterfest was going on in Summerside, so i enjoyed at a lobster bisque followed by breaded haddock which, as i said in my delight, tasted way better than a Filet-O-Fish.

in the evening, we stayed at Rob's parents' farm house in New Dominion for the first time. I am pretty sure it is haunted. It is 170 years old, totally pitch dark at night and just isolated in the countryside enough to be the perfect location of a creepy zombie farmer horror movie.

scary barn

instead, this old farm house was the location for a Japanese film about (surprise!) Anne of Green Gables.

Looking For Anne, from Zuno Films
Somebody told her that Anne was a fictional character, right?

But ghosts and confused Japanese tourists aside, it's a pretty awesome property.

the other farm buildings on the property: the alpacas will live in the former hen house, chamber music will be performed in the cow barn by Yo Yo Ma (i wish!), and the pig pen will be used to shoot Meatloaf music videos

Hay! inside the barn

Rob's dad should turn this milk vat into a hot tub or a wine brewing vat OR BOTH

this building is not feeling so well

Farmers used to be pretty short, two centuries ago.

This is where Harry Potter lives

Farmer Rob