Friday, August 5, 2011

settling in on the island

last night, to protect myself from the chill of the night, i put on every article of clothing i bought (including the black dress pants I used to wear when i was a server) and sat outside on the cliffs overlooking the water, a can of beer in hand, with nothing but the sounds of the ocean tide coming in. it was pitch black except for two spots of light faraway on opposite points of the horizon that were Charlottetown and Halifax.

you know, back in Ottawa, I live on the edge of civilization with multitudes of cornfields in our backyard, so it's pretty quiet and dark, but it never quite gets as quiet and dark as here on the faraway points on the island. i wake up every morning to the smell of the ocean and the songs of the family cockatiels and the sight of the alpacas munching on grass outside the window. it's definitely quite something.

the cottage. yep, that's the ocean behind it.

rob and the alpacas

there are no completely sunny days here, just sunny parts of your days, and you plan your activities (golf, jogging, searching for Anne Shirley) accordingly. we had a momentary burst of brilliant sunlight yesterday afternoon, so we headed out to Charlottetown to have supper at Sim's Corner Steakhouse and Oysterbar, a restaurant that rob and i had gone to last year and absolutely could not forget about ever since. the place is a bit pricey and trendy, but the food is just SO GOOD (and locally based and ocean-friendly, etc), it's pretty much becoming a once-a-year treat for us.

locally raised beef steak with goat cheese

poutine & foie gras. yay PEI potatoes

i basically don't need to eat again for three days, after a meal like that.