Saturday, August 6, 2011

Charlottetown and Andrew WK

yesterday morning, it was low tide and i convinced rob to go for a jog with me on the sand bars before the tide came back in. the problem with jogging along the ocean floor is that your cardio work is constantly interrupted when you stop to examine all the interesting things you find: dried out crabs, jellyfish, razor clams, starfish, sand glass...

low tide

view of the cottage from the ocean

during my run, i made up a song that goes like this


It was warm and sunny and just the right weather for walking around outside, so rob and i cruised to Charlottetown blasting Andrew W.K. and the Beach Boys. We grabbed some clam chowder and fish & chips at the Merchantman Pub and then checked out the cute shops selling records and vintage clothes downtown. we visited my favourite soap store Moonsnail Soapworks(yes, i am such an old woman - i like scented soaps), but unfortunately my allergies been acting up enough that i couldn't smell any of the soap products. this probably kept me from eating the soap, which the store owner tells me has been a problem in the past.

we finished off our afternoon shopping with a trip to COWS Creamery, one of PEI's beloved dessert chains, and if you'll believe their posters, one of Anne of Green Gables' favourite places to visit??

in the evening we drove out to the drive-in movie theatre at Brackley Beach . we got Chinese takeout and watched the new Harry Potter movie and Crazy, Stupid, Love, featuring Steve Carell, Julian Moore, and most importantly RYAN GOSLING. i assure you, there is nothing more romantic than eating barbecue pork fried rice in the car, while Ryan Gosling prances around without a shirt on the movie screen, and the clear night sky up above clearly displays a bright Milky Way that you haven't seen in a year. beautiful. I could have done without the mosquito visitors though. If you think bugs can't bite you through 3 layers of clothes, they can.