Wednesday, May 14, 2008

annie and i threw our diet to the wind this morning (as well as our adult sensibilities) by having cake for breakfast. not just any cake, but the famous viennese cake known as the Original Sacher Torte, at the very Hotel Sacher Cafe where it was invented. it was pretty freaking delicious, and i have no regrets about having cake for breakfast.

afterwards we tried to buy standing room tickets to see the Wagners Sigfried at the vienna opera house, but couldnt get anything cheap...also, my cold has been getting worse and worse so i didnt think i could sit through a six hour long opera written by someone that Hitler admired, at least not so soon aftetr Auschwitz. instead, we might go check out a jazz club tonight in the old town.

we did however, go visit the graves of Mozart, Brahms, Schubert, Beethoven and Strauss. the graveyard was surprisingly quiet and undisturbed, unlike the Pere Lachaise place in Paris. it was pretty neat, except my coughing and sneezing which continually punctuated the solemn moments. apparently i am allergic to the dead. oh well.

tomorrow we go to bratislava, where my guidebook tells me people dont really speak english. this should be interesting, given the fact that even in austria people stare at us asians and ask us if we are chinese. ah, the life of an exotic zoo animal.