Friday, May 30, 2008

lasagna, bolagna, spaghetti, PIZZA

ive only been in italy for maybe a day but already i can tell that florence is going to make me fat. and broke. i have no idea how food can possibly taste so good here. last night after meeting up with my friends from school who are studying in florence, we all headed out to supposedly the best tuscan restaurant. it was pretty much what soloman calls a tongue-gasm. we ate bunny, goat, boar, all sorts of delicious stuff. mmmm. my wallet is crying.

my friends have a sweet house here, really spacious so it doesnt seem crowded with five people living here. there are even two bathrooms. the girls bathroom has a bidet in it, but jillian and barbara insist that they think it is a foot wash. right now i am sleeping in sanford's room, and he hasnt killed me yet, so thats a good sign.

yesterday was a long day travelling on my own through the french and italian countryside. i took a taxi, train, bus, plane, bus, and a train to get to florence. i stopped off in milan for a few hours; i dont know anything about the city except that its the fashion design capital of the world. my girl friend Gabrielle used to be a model in Milan and once she did vodka shots with the folks from the Smashing Pumpkins, who are, in her words, apparently some big band or something. i didnt see anything particurly amazing, just a lot of rain.

adam and i are going to try to get tickets to see the italy-belgium football game tonight. hopefully it will work out, and hopefully my tendancy to attract riots wont repeat itself here in italia...