Saturday, May 17, 2008

gloria the slovak hates the british.

i never thought i could be so grumpy about being surrounded by naked young men, but here i am. a busload of british rugby team players checked into the hostel last night, filling every single room except mine, making annie and i truly the only girls in the entire hostel. we didn't get much sleep, because they kept blasting loud coldplay and arguing drunkenly about who pissed on whose bed. eventually around 4AM i had to stumble over next door in my "pajamas" and bang on their door and ask them in a polite canadian way to turn down the goddamn brian adams music. ironically, as i observed, they were playing canadian music. they started it up early again this morning, blasting backstreet boys. i don't understand the british.

oh well. the slovaks continue to be totally sweet guys, even if they too are all male. today annie and i take a suspiciously cheap bus to budapest, hungary....we'll see how that goes.

i don't understand why the music in slovakia is so good. the hostel here plays really great music...i don't recognize any of them (i think there is a lot of ninja tunes), but they just sound really awesome, some sort of electro lounge jazz mixed with Sharon Jones-esque soul funk. i really miss my music collection, i've got to say. for some reason, i've been singing a lot of canadian music in my head as of late, like tokyo police club and barenaked ladies. i guess my homesickness comes out in my music taste.